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I help women and men reduce stress and transform their lives with karmic coaching. Get unstuck and achieve your dreams.


I'm Deb Peretz. Are you ready to invest in yourself to become the best version of you and live your best life? Karmic life coaching is your answer. By integrating powerful strategies and approaches from different fields and modalities I help you release limited thinking that is keeping you stuck and preventing you from reaching your goals. And then I help you align with your inner guidance system that will lead you to greater happiness. Live the life of purpose you were born to lead. The world needs the unique gifts you have to offer.

Deb Peretz, PhD

​​​This Will Make You Happier

My new video show and podcast is where I share tools that can help you de-stress, find happiness and live a meaningful life. 


Quick, Effective and Powerful

Deb's coaching sessions are quick, effective, and powerful. As a former teacher, I give her an A+. I easily put her invaluable insights into action and the reward is that I see see real results immediately. My relationships are stronger, I am more productive, and take positive actions thanks to Deb and her coaching toolbox

Susie Rinehart Writer

Met That Goal and So Much More

My No. 1 goal was to find my best career options. With Deb's knowledge and expertise, I met that goal and so much more. Her coaching allowed me to reexamine and rediscover myself in ways I had never experienced before. I really loved her life purpose coaching. She was very accurate, especially at helping me identify mental blocks from my past that were keeping me from reaching my goals in life, both personally and professionally. I can't tell you how cathartic this was for me. Also, Deb's communication style, both comforting and healing, made her coaching sessions truly transformative. They reignited my passions that were overlooked in the hustle of everyday life and redirected my life onto a path that I am truly excited about!

Rosa T Budding Entrepreneur

Empathetic, Intuitive, Strategic

Deb is empathetic, intuitive, and strategic. Most importantly, Deb's intuition is spot on in identifying the true issue that is bothering me. Based on this information, she is able to help me determine actionable next steps that I can immediately implement in improving my life. I highly recommend her to anyone who is seeking practical and guided counsel.

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